CDEX web terminal
With no download required, just open the web page to trade ​
Professional trading tools
CDEX offers powerful trading features. By utilizing TradingView charts and trading functionalities, users can confidently trade popular products such as BTC/USDT. From advanced charting capabilities to seamless trade execution, CDEX empowers users to stand out in the digital asset trading arena.
Personal center
CDEX web page is easy to use. Simply click on 'Trade' to enter the web-based trading interface. CDEX web trading provides the core functions and advantages of MT5, along with a selection of over 100 popular CFDs options for you to choose from.
Speed and security run in parallel
The CDEX technical team strictly encrypts all information and data on the platform to ensure speed while improving security.
CDEX web tradingPlatform details
Applicable accounts. All MT5 accounts
Available on
Chart types
Pending orders. Buy limit order, buy stop order, sell limit order, sell stop order, take profit order, stop loss order ​